Wainfleet Is Hopeful of Keeping Beach Problems under Control This Summer

The politicians of Wainfleet anticipate the township will have the power to control the disrupted condition of the shores and shore access during the months of the previous summer. It was reported that masses of people who were tired of been caged inside homes due to the prevailing situation gathered into the rural municipality to enjoy the warm summer and beach and water of Lake Erie.

The reports say that William Kolasa, the chief administrative officer, has informed the council members. The council members have been working firmly with Niagara Regional Police, and the necessary laws will be enforced to control the complex situation of the beaches, unlike last summer.

The locals complained about various discourteous behavior of the visitors who came to Wainfleet last time- including property damage, bonfires, illegal parking, overloaded encounters with neighbors of beaches, and even grumbled about them urinating on the resident’s properties.

However, Mayor Kevin Gibson has said that necessary steps have already been implemented to discontinue the situation caused last summer.

Although the idea of moving the portable washroom off Long Beach was rejected by the members of the council earlier, it has now been approved, and Kolasa exclaimed that the particular portable restroom would be confirmed with public health.

Coun. Sherri Van Vliet questioned if they close the beaches for the upcoming long weekend, and Kolasa said there is no clear solution to stopping people from coming to the shores and said that they could come over if they want to.

Furthermore, Coun. Donna Cridland and Mayor Gibson declared that they want people to know that they are trying their best to keep things guarded with lots of efficient steps taken to get them right.

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