The Summer Solstice Celebration At Stonehenge Called Off For The Second Year.

Stonehenge’s summer solstice event has been canceled for the second time due to the extension of the global crisis.

Generally, about 10,000 revelers flock at the Wiltshire Monument on or around the 21st of June to celebrate midsummer.

The English Heritage said that the amounts were far more than the 4000 permitted at the outdoor events, and it was a tough decision to cancel.

The reports say that the Senior druid King Arthur Pendragon has posted saying that he intended to attend the celebration. However, he further said that he would still be at the Neolithic site. ” I intend to be as close to the Heel Stone As possible, just like spring, autumn, winter, and spring equinox of 2020. And as on previous situations, it is not my intention to go against the law, but I will be one side of the fence or another”, said King Arthur Pendragon.

A live stream on the sunrise and sunset will be telecasted on English Heritage’s social media. Unfortunately, the epidemic situation made English Heritage cancel both the summer and winter solstices of the previous year.

“We shared people’s disappointment with this decision. Actually, we were busy getting along with everyone to make preparations to welcome people. But we were helpless with the announcement, which left us with no choice. Our work is progressing with the Pagan and Druid communities to ensure that small groups could still mark in person, which will be an important moment for them.”, said the Director of Stonehenge, Nichola Tasker.

The summer solstice is one of the golden occasions that English Heritage usually opens up for people.
On the summer solstice, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone, the historic entrance to the Stone Circle. And the sun rays are channeled into the center of the monument.

English Heritage further said they consulted with Wiltshire Council and the Police before they came to this decision.