Summer Alert! Spain Welcomes Tourists and Cruise Ships by Opening the Borders

The reports from Spain say that they hope to have a bumping start to the summer’s tourism season on Monday. The visitors who are vaccinated and not infected can enter Spain. They also hope to reopen the ports and welcome cruise ships. 

The borders opened initially for the United States and other countries outside of the European Union. However, they kept closed since last March due to the global crisis. 

“We have vaccinated certificates. And we came to Spain the very first day they opened. So excited to be here.”, Matthew Eisenberg, a 22-year-old student, who came along with two other American friends, expressed his excitement.

However, the reports say that Spain will continue to have travel restrictions on travelers from Brazil, India, and South Africa. Spain has taken this decision as those countries reported people from variants. 

Visitors should have proof of vaccination at least 14 days prior to the trip or that they got recover six months back. As per the government order, the certificates should be in Spanish, English, French, German, or Spanish translations. In addition, the accepted vaccines are those approved by Europe’s Drug Regulator and by the World Health Organization

” The bloc hopes to launch the Digital Green Certificate on July 01st. This is not a passport but just a document that facilitates mobility across Europe. Travel will be possible with the certificate, but the entry in every country will slow down “, said Alfredo Gonzalez from Spain’s Health Ministry

The Spanish government expects twice as many as last summer. But many British tourists who love Southern Europe’s Beaches will not be there in large numbers since they should be confined to a period of quarantine. 

Spanish ports open on Monday to cruise ships approximately after 15 months of banning. Spain encountered a death toll of over 80,000. However, Spain’s death toll indicator dropped to 115 per 100,000 by now, which is a piece of good news to rebound this summer.