Massachusettes DCR warns on ‘Dangerous Rip Currents’ at Salisbury beach.

Department of Conservation and Recreation of Massachusettes issues alerts to the public. They warn about threatening rip currents at Salisbury Beach, believing that the coming weekend would be busy.

It is reported that two separate water rescues had taken place at Salisbury Beach when the lifeguards were off duty.

Lifeguards will attend duty seven days per week from 10.00 a.m; to 6.00 p.m, beginning from Saturday, June 19.

” DCR wants all visitors to coastal beaches to swim carefully. Use the buddy system whenever possible and swim within their skill limit”, says the advisory.

Rip currents are currents of water flowing farther from the coast of the beaches. They usually extend from closer to the shoreline, through the surf zone, and past the line of breaking waves. The surf zone is the region in the middle of the high tide level. They are extending onto the coast to the coastal side of breaking waves.

The National Weather Service alerts that the swimmers could possibly catch a chance of getting into trouble. Mainly when they are moved so far off the shore by the current. The swimmers wouldn’t be able to get back to the beach due to fear, panic, exhaustion, or low swimming skills.

Rip currents can be as slender as 10 or 20 feet in width. But some currents maybe 10 times wider as them. The DCR also said that the length of the rip currents could vary accordingly.

” Any swimmer who is caught in a rip current should always swim across the current-aligned to the beach. They should never try to swim against the current. Never let the children swim alone, and adults should always keep a close eye on them”, says the DCR.